How to Measure for Blinds

Top tip - Always measure with a metal measuring tape and note down sizes in centimetres!

This is a basic guide, all windows are different and vary in shape and size. 

If you have a tricky window you need help with please get in touch and we will do our best to answer any

questions you may have!

Blinds can sit inside the window recess or on the outside. There is no right or wrong here, this is down to personal choice and the look you prefer. Remember that blinds on the outside can make smaller windows appear larger. And if you like to put ornaments or plants on your window sill, a blind in the recess can sometimes get in the way of these things. 

Step 1 If you would like your blind to fit in the recess, measure the width in 3 places (top, middle, bottom) and take the smallest size. Repeat for the length of the blind. Don’t take anything off, we will make a deduction to allow the blind to move freely and fit perfectly in the recess.


Step 2 If you would like the blind to sit outside the window recess measure the exact area you would like the blind to cover. We suggest blinds sit at least 10 cm above the window opening and at least 3-5 cm either side. (or slightly overlapping the width of the sill.) It is personal choice where you want the blind to hang to, it can fall onto the sill or just below.

Measuring inside recess
Screenshot 2020-04-20 at 14.56.48.png
Measuring outside recess
Screenshot 2020-04-20 at 14.56.59.png
How to Measure for Curtains

For curtains, if you have a pole or track in place just let us know the width of your pole or track and the length you would like the curtains to hang to.

If you don’t have a pole or track follow these standard allowances. Make your window appear larger than it is by hanging your pole at least 15 cm higher than the top of your window frame. Ensure your curtain pole is at least 60 cm wider than the window recess (30 cm either side) so that when your curtains are open you can let as much light in as possible. 

Step 1 If you have a track, measure the full width of the track from end to end. For a pole measure between the finials (A). 


Step 2 Measure the length from the underneath of the track or pole to where you would like your curtains to hang. We suggest curtains finish either;

15 - 20 cm below the sill (or 2 cm above the radiator) (B)

1.5 cm above the floor for full length curtains. (C)

Measuring a track
Screenshot 2020-04-20 at 15.10.53.png
Measuring a Pole
Screenshot 2020-04-20 at 15.11.05.png

Measuring Service

If you're happy with your choices and estimate we can visit you in your home to take precise measurements. We charge £35 for our measure appointments, but that will be deducted from the cost of your order when you spend over £250.

Fitting Service

We work closely with local and experienced fitters. They will fit blinds, poles and tracks and ensure your curtains are dressed into the pleats. As soon as your order is ready we will get in touch to arrange a fitting appointment at a convenient time for you. Fitting is an extra cost, for which the fitter will invoice you directly.

We can give you a quote for this when we have been to measure.